cold coffee

  • Iced Coffee
  • Iced Coffee Latte
  • Iced Cappucino
  • Iced Mocha Latte

    Double espresso with choco powder and fresh milk. Topped with choco sauce and sprinkle

  • Iced Vanilla Latte

    doubel espresso with vanilla powder and fresh milk

  • Nocciola Fiesta

    mix of espresso with pisa nocciola gelato. served with whipped cream on top

  • Iced Coffee Flavoured

    choice of caramel or nutella


  • Espresso

    A choice of single or double shot espresso

  • Esprersso Con Panna

    A shot of thick espresso topped with whipped cream

  • Torino

    two scoop of vaniglia gelato mixed with espresso and topped with caramel topping

manual brewed coffee

  • Vietnam Drip Coffee

    strong sweetened espresso served over ice cube

  • V60 Pour Over

    Single Origin Arabica Coffee

  • French Press (Plunger Coffee)

    singel origin arabica


  • Tutty Fruity

    perfect combination between pineapple, peach syrup watermelon fresh

  • Blueberry Fantasia

    beautiful mix, with blueberry, soul mix, and passion fruit syrup

  • Morning Glory

    delight touch of blue curacao fruit syrup

  • Orange Sunrise

    feel sensation with fresh orange sunkist and grenadine syrup

  • Blue Mint Sparkling

    blue curacao syrup, apple soda water & mint syrup

  • Hawaiian Beach

    blue curacao, kiwi syrup, & lime soda

  • Cool & Freeze

    perfect combination between iychee,orange, and strawberry

  • Monday Blue

    blue curacao & mango juice flavor

  • Herbal Honey

    fresh ginger with some twist of lemon, pour into honey, garnish with lemon grass

Pisa hot coffee

  • Kopi Tarik
  • Macchiato

    A shot of thick espresso topped with milk and fresh milk foam

  • Cappuccino

    A coffee based drink of espresso, fresh milk & fresh milk foam

  • Caffe Latte

    Literally means espresso with milk. It’s an espresso with generous amount of steamed milk and milk foam

  • Mandorla Caffe Latte

    Delightful touch of rum flavor mingles with fresh milk and espresso. Topped with sprinkled almond nut

  • Mocha Latte

    Espresso with choco powder and fresh milk. topped with choco sauce and choco sprinkle.

  • Vanilla Latte

    Espresso with vanilla powder and fresh milk

  • Caramel Latte

    Espresso with vanilla powder, caramel flavour, and fresh milk

  • Instant Coffee

    Kopi tubruk

  • Americano

    Reguler coffee

  • Hitman Coffee

    Kopi susu

  • Nutella Hot Chocolate
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